N. Alkamal
Newly engagaed, N. Alkamal Jemmott, known simply as Alkamal, is a poet, writer, spoken word artist and public speaker.

Since 1996, he has traveled across the country performing spoken word at such cultural events as the Afrikan Liberation Day Celebration, The Black L.U.V. Festival, WordStock and the New York International Film Festival at Madison Square Garden.

Alkamal has also been an invited guest speaker at numerous Black History Month celebrations, graduation and award ceremonies, as well as conferences hosted by The Tavis Smiley Foundation, The Urban Network, The College Board’s NYOutreach Program, and The Madison Square Boys & Girls Club.

He's written two books of poetry; "Recovery: The Lost And Found Poetry Of Alkamal Soul" was published in 2000 by Deep Roots/Kibo Books, LLC, and Conversations with my Violent Side was produced more recently. In his writings, as well as his performances, Alkamal employs a dynamic blend of imagery, thought and emotion.

As co-creator and developer of "the v3 sessions" and "The World Of Words Youth Poetry Showcase," Alkamal created opportunities for poets and musical artists of all ages to showcase their work. He also is a board member and host of the Alkamal is currently host of Travelled Rhodes Arts & Culture Garden in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. These programs are geared to artists from all mediums. In a addition to all that, he also serves as Director of Marketing and Research for Blakhand Artistik, Inc., a New York-based website company devoted to independent artists and writers.
Alk by Jomo Kono